When sunlight reaches a flat surface (water, snow, ice, wet road, car windscreen, etc.), the reflected light is at least partly polarised, creating a dazzling white reflection. This significantly changes our perception of shapes, colours and reduces our vision comfort. A high-quality polarised lens absorbs, filters and reflects the light against flat surfaces, eliminating unwanted reflections and changing them into a light that is pleasant for the eye. It significantly improves the quality of vision and provides effective protection even during a long-lasting exposition against the harmful light. The lens are ideal for drivers, cyclists, sailors, skiers, fishers and any other people exposed to the sun.


Polycarbonate lens guarantee the comfort of vision, protection against the UV radiation, protection against hitting, lightness, and comfort of wearing. It is a substance with a high hardness coefficient, characterised by thermoplasticity, lightness and resistance against scratch marks and cracks. Polycarbonate ensures an ideally equal thickness of the lens.


The UV 400 filter blocks all three ranges of UV radiation (UVA, UVB, UVC), providing full protection for the eyes. 100% guarantee of protection against unwanted effects of exposing the eyes against solar radiation.


They reduce the light reflections appearing on both sides of the lens that limit the clarity of vision, they protect the eye against excessive ultra-violet radiation, increasing the quality of vision.


Yellow or orange lens, increase the sharpness of vision, increase the contrast and depth perception. They are ideal to wear in bad weather conditions, especially by drivers, cyclists and fans of winter sports.


A set of protective covers available in selected models. These covers reflect harmful solar radiation, protecting the eyes and limiting the transmission of warmth to the eyes. REVO lens provide high contrast and precise and sharp recognition of all colours.